Role of education in all societies of the world

For most cultures education is synonymous to important people. In fact, those who could afford gain an education in past centuries were regarded to be intelligent persons, who could also get the best jobs around.

Today, education is considered as part of the personal growth: it involves socialization and learning of the basic rules of living within a society.

Socialization: when education becomes “social”

In past times, education and socialization were meant as two different element of the personal growth. Today, the trend is to identify education with socialization. Most families think that when at school their children get to “socialize” with the others, while education as a cultural formation is left behind.

In fact, modern schools in Europe and America seem to get more and more scarcely concerned about culture itself. School programs tend to be simplified and today’s children don’t learn the same concept and the same level their parents and grandparents did.

Mostly, today’s education is struggling to survive in the financial crisis. Governments can’t afford sustain the universities and colleges and this mean higher costs to pay for kids’ families.

This also explains why so many young Americans and Europeans give up going to the college: it’s too expensive.

Training and technical education

Young students who give up going to the college are the consequence of the financial crisis and bad management of funds by governors and, in the same time, the phenomenon affects the future society.

Today most America companies hire specialized employees and workers from outside: American workforce lacks persons who can take high wage jobs.

Middle wage jobs are, on the other hand, very competitive with many sectors that are all active and flourishing. One of the main sector is locksmithing. In order to become locksmith technicians, students who have a high school diploma can follow a dedicated training course and get a license.

Licensed: that’s better!

For many locksmith technicians a license is not necessary in order to work. If they completed their training course and apprenticeship, they are ready to work. But in a few places in the US all locksmiths must have a license.

Same goes for locksmiths who want to join larger nationwide companies in their field. Lock 4 Less is one of such companies, and its locksmiths are all licensed and fully trained. So, having a license from the ALOA means to have more job opportunities.

At Lock 4 Less only the best locksmiths

In order to get a license all locksmiths have to prove their skills and take tests to get verified by the ALOA. Once they gain their license, they can also qualify for more specific jobs and offer more competitive locksmith costs.

Residential, automotive and commercial are the 3 main sectors of locksmithing. Each of them includes more services, as you can see from the website of Lock 4 Less the most common and required services are: lock change, lock rekey, car lockout, house lockout, installation of home security system, reparation of car ignition and installation of commercial doors without key.

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