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Gum problems range from swollen gums to oral cancer. Symptoms of gum disease (gingivitis) may include bleeding, swelling, and pain. These symptoms may also be the result of simply brushing your teeth too hard. If gum disease is found to be the problem, treatments may include scaling and root planing, flap surgery, soft tissue grafts, and more. Gum disease can be serious, so any gum problems should be evaluated by a dental professional. Follow the links below to find WebMD’s comprehensive coverage about how gum problems are caused, what they look like, how to treat them, and much more.

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Thumbnail: Treating Gum Disease May Help Rheumatoid Arthritis

Treating severe gum disease may alleviate some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in people suffering from both conditions.

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Here’s how to keep your teeth strong and sparkling for a lifetime.

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Thumbnail: New Treatment for Gum Disease

New Treatment for Gum Disease

Thumbnail: Premature Births and Dental Health

Premature Births and Dental Health

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