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Dental Care Tips

Don’t take your smile for granted. Maintain good oral health by practicing regular dental care habits and reporting problems to your dentist promptly. Clean your teeth daily and see your dentist one to two times a year to prevent gum …

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Facts About Flouride

Fluorine, from which fluoride is derived, is the 13th most abundant element and is released into the environment naturally in both water and air. Fluoride is naturally present in all water. Community water fluoridation is the addition of fluoride to …

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Selecting a Dental Office

To lessen some of the anxiety people often experience with oral health care visits, it is important to select a dental office where you feel comfortable. Choose a dental office that has a registered dental hygienist on staff. Dental hygienists …

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Tooth Whitening Systems

Note: Before using any whitening procedure, ADHA recommends that you first be evaluated by an oral health care professional to determine which application and program are best for you. Why do my teeth have stains and discolorations? Most stains are …

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