Restorative Services

Buckhead Dental Services: Goldstein Dental Center

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Decay or replacement of cracked silver fillings may be repaired with fillings depending on the extent of the necessary repair. Tooth-colored materials are used to “glue” the tooth together and look like natural teeth.


Crowns cover and protect broken down teeth from breakage. They can also be used to improve aesthetics. There are two different types of crowns offered by our office. Many patients are candidates for crowns made using CEREC. This computer-assisted design system allows crowns to be made in one visit, eliminating the need for a temporary crown and multiple visits. There are some patients that will require the use of a dental laboratory to fabricate their crowns requiring more than one visit. This is dependent on individual patient situations. While tooth-colored materials are most common, in some cases gold will be recommended for molars or back teeth as it is the strongest material used in dentistry.