Dental Implants

Atlanta’s Best Dental Implants: Goldstein Dental Center

One location for ALL your implant needs. At the Goldstein Implant Center, we are able to place, restore and make the teeth all in one convenient Buckhead location, often in just one visit.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants and implants used for stabilization of broken bones are all quite similar, and interestingly manufactured by the same companies. The implants used in dentistry to replace missing teeth are small hollow cylinders that look and act like the roots of your mouth. They are screwed into your existing bone, just like placing a screw a wall to hold something. Implants hold the teeth in place.

State of the art implants came about over 40 years ago, with the research of a Swiss professor. His original implants have been in place in humans for well over 35 years now, and millions of them are placed throughout the world each year now to restore people just like you, back to a state of dental health! Most importantly, the success rate of this dental procedure is over 95%!

In-House Dental Implant Laboratory

Our technicians have been working with us for over 12 years, providing our patients with state of the art implant prostheses. Best of all, if your situation requires other needed dental procedures our technicians and prosthodontists are well equipped to handle them.

Who should consider dental implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you should be evaluated for implants. Restoring your mouth back to its original state ensures that you are able to chew and digest your food properly, maintains your facial shape, and prevents drifting of your other teeth that can cause severe bite problems. If you are missing teeth, dental implants can stabilize your loose dentures or partials, allowing you to have more confidence when talking, smiling and enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Traditional choices offered to patients before dental implants were mechanical devices adhered to your existing teeth by dental “glue” or the use of a denture that simply sits on your gums and gives the illusion of a full set of teeth. The disadvantage of using a bridge to replace missing teeth, is that the adjacent teeth to the missing one or ones need to be reduced or cut down to make space for the bridge. The teeth lose much of their inherent strength and often need root canal treatment. The denture will move around while eating causing loss of bone and eventually a loose denture.

Sometimes the dentures will fall down when eating or smiling, causing a most embarrassing moment. Since dental implants are the most natural replacement for teeth, they function just like your teeth! You do not have to remove them for cleaning, and your hygienist will be able to treat them like your existing teeth.

Most patients that have selected implants to restore their mouths feel more confident and secure that their new teeth will not slip or move while eating, smiling and talking. They experience a lifestyle that they once had with the knowledge they have chosen dentistry’s state of the art tooth replacement system.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Naturally, our team of experts will spend time with you and answer all of your questions and concerns. You will instantly see that the Goldstein Implant Center is state of the art! Modern in design, equipment and best of all, your new teeth are made onsite in our own dental laboratory! You can actually meet the artist who will design your new smile.

Our team at the Goldstein Implant Center has chosen to work with the most researched implants on the market today, Nobel BioCare. With over 30 implant systems available today, your particular situation may warrant the choice of another well established system.

Your Initial Visit

Our team will begin by listening to your concerns and letting you know what to expect from this treatment. Most likely we will need some diagnostic radiographs to accurately help you to plan your treatment. If you already have x-rays please bring them so we will not have to take any for you. We will then discuss with you your options for the final teeth. You may choose to have fixed or removable final teeth, each has advantages and disadvantages. Once the final restoration is decided upon, we can decide just how many implants are needed to accomplish these goals for you. Next, we will provide you with the fees associated with your choice of treatments, and design a financial policy that is just right for you.

Treatment Begins

We will need to make molds of your teeth or gums, records of how your jaws close, photographs of your face and teeth, and if needed, we will use 3-D CAT SCAN imaging to design exactly where your implants will be placed. Our special imaging even allows us to pre-design your teeth so that they are placed for you the same day that you receive your implants. This is the “Teeth in a Day” concept that is revolutionizing dentistry. Instant gratification! We will go over your particular procedure in detail this day, and let you know of any special details pertaining just to you.

Getting Ready

Behind the scenes, our team will be using our CAT SCANS to plan and get everything ready for your special day. We may even call you for a sneak preview before we begin. Your job is to be healthy for the implant day. That means, eating well, taking any medications prescribed by our team in advance, and dressing comfortably on the day of surgery. Some patients may need a driver for after the implant placement, we will let you know that at your Treatment Begins appointment.

Implant Placement

The day has arrived! Please come at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure that you are rested and ready to begin. Now all you have to do is lay back and let the Goldstein Implant team do the rest. You will probably want to take it easy for one to two days after your procedure. Remember to eat soft foods for at least two days while you get used to your implants and the new teeth.

Follow-up Care

We want to be sure you are healing properly and using your new teeth to their full extent, so we like to plan on at least one post-operative visit. This will be pre-planned for you at a convenient time.

A New You

Eating will be a pleasure with your new secure teeth. Please start with softer easier to chew foods and slowly work up to harder foods such as steak and nuts. You will soon be able to chew in public with extreme confidence, and you will be digesting your food much better.

Most patients tell us that speaking improves with their new implants. Naturally, having something new in your mouth may cause some initial difficulties, but these will quickly go away in about a week.

Cleaning your new implants will be just like cleaning your teeth. You will need to brush and either floss them or use one of the inter-dental brushes we will provide for you. Our goal is to make it easy for you to care for and maintain these for a lifetime.

Your new appearance will give you enormous self confidence with teeth that are just like your own. You may even find that you become more active, go out more often and become a whole new YOU!

Are financial options available?

Our all-inclusive price will be given to you in advance of any treatment. We believe it is important to stand by our fees, so you will not see any additional expenses or hidden costs. Our coordinators will work with you to develop a payment schedule that works for you, and we offer payment options that will fit any budget. So go ahead and give us a call and see just what the Goldstein Implant Center can do for you!