Bleaching teeth just got easier and more comfortable

New research over the past 4 years has proven that using a light or laser to speed up or
improve bleaching results was not warranted. The percent increase in whitening did not offset
the discomfort it caused in so many people. So, we no longer use the light, and still have the
same beautiful results, but with much less or even no sensitivity! No more zingers!

For most people, 3-4 in- office sessions is all that is needed for a sexy white smile. Research
shows that the color should last 1-7 years depending on the individual. Naturally, red
wine,smoking, coffee and soda decrease that length.

If in office procedures are not your thing, the custom trays are the next best alternative. This is especially helpful for people with extremely sensitive teeth. The trays are also used with a desensitizing gel to calm the teeth before and after placement of a mild bleaching gel. In addition, the trays are your most economical alternative to a whiter smile, as they may last up to 7 or more years. Since we suggest a touch up whitening every six months, simply put a little gel in your trays and keep those pearly’s white!