Crowns and Caps

Long Lasting Crowns and Caps in Atlanta: Goldstein Dental Center

Crowns cover and protect teeth from breakage. They can also be used to make teeth whiter and prettier.

Types of Crowns

1. Porcelain to Metal – these are the strongest esthetic crowns. They are tooth colored and can last 7-20 years.

2. All Porcelain – these are the most esthetic crowns. They are made entirely of ceramic material and truly resemble natural teeth. They are more fragile than the porcelain to metal crown.

3. All Resin – a newcomer to dentistry, but potentially a popular crown type will be the resin crown. These are quite esthetic and are easy to repair when they break. They are also softer and more resilient than porcelain and may prove to be a viable alternative.

4. All Gold – although not the most esthetic, these crowns last the longest and are very “kind” to your gums.

What to Expect from Your New Crowns

New Crowns or laminates can play many “tricks” on you! They may initially feel perfect and later feel very odd. They may initially look terrific to you and your friends and later look odd! This is all very normal.

Why do these “tricks” occur?

  • Your new teeth are all whiter than your originals – this makes them appear larger than they truly are – it’s an illusion.
  • The shape of the new teeth, i.e. the width and length may be changed from your original teeth to improve your appearance. This is often very hard to get used to.
  • The new teeth may be thicker or thinner than your original teeth. The new teeth are all handmade therefore, it is virtually impossible to make perfect copies of your original tooth dimensions.
  • Finally, it may take weeks or even months to feel comfortable with your new teeth. They may feel different to your cheeks, lips or tongue. Your speech may be different at first, but it too will adapt itself.