How to Maintain the Color of Porcelain Veneers

Dr Goldstein states that a well fabricated porcelain veneer is usually able to maintain its
color over time. However, due to the fact the veneers are bonded to natural tooth
structure which is porous, means that if the teeth under the porcelain veneers are not
well maintained, changes in the tooth structure can actually make the veneers appear
darker over time.

In order to maintain the color of porcelain veneers it is imperative that patients follow
good/excellent oral hygiene instructions. At The Goldstein Dental Center dentistry spa,
patients who have porcelain veneers visit the hygienist every three months. This isBLOG May 2014 particularly important for those with lumineers or minimal preparation veneers, as the
porcelain is very thin, making it easy for stains in the tooth structure to show through.