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If you have a missing tooth or need more extensive reconstructive dental work, our reconstructive services can help. Using dental implants that bond with and preserve your bone, we can restore one, several or all of your teeth. Our prosthodonic services address congenital defects as well as problems arising from trauma and neglect.


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are small hollow cylinders that look and act like the roots of your teeth. They are surgically placed in the existing bone, just like placing an anchor into a wall to give support to hang an object. Implants hold a crown in place to restore a tooth or teeth. Dental implants are built to look, feel and function like natural teeth! Aside from aesthetic purposes, implants also help preserve facial structure and can stop the bone deterioration that occurs when a tooth is missing. We work with multiple implant companies and are adept at repairing or restoring any existing implants you may already have. Call today to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants!

Fixed Partial Denture (Bridges)

These are very similar to their namesake on our roads. Two or more healthy teeth are used to restore a missing tooth. Tooth structure is reduced on both sides of the missing tooth and a “bridge” is made to hold a tooth in the space.

Partials & Dentures

Removable partials and dentures are economical options for replacing one or all of your teeth. We try to save our patients teeth whenever possible since removable devices are not the preferred way to restore teeth for most patients. Unfortunately, these devices are not as stable as a fixed or cemented replacement.

Overdentures (Implant-Supported)

This removable denture is used to restore a full arch of missing teeth where there is enough bone to place implants for a more stable fit than a traditional denture. Speech is improved as is chewing foods that were not able to be eaten previously. The worry of the denture becoming loose or falling out is no longer a concern. This option is an excellent choice and patients are pleased with the support offered by a “snap in denture”.

Hybrid Prosthesis (Implant-Supported Fixed Denture)

This fixed prosthesis provides the feel and appearance of natural teeth. These procedures involve enhanced treatment planning and a partnership between the prosthodontist, lab technician, and oral surgeon. The result – a full set of teeth supported by implants that is stable and not removable. This allows you to eat, speak and laugh with confidence, they will not come loose. Quality of life is renewed and self-confidence restored.