Treatment for TMJ Pain

The temporomandibular joint is a combination of sliding motions with hinge action. There are two joints on either side of the head located slightly above and in front of the ears. The TMJ abbreviation is commonly used to refer to any symptoms and disorders in the region.
Most TMJ-related symptoms are mainly triggered by effects of physical stress on the joint or the structures around the joint. The structures include:
Often times, patients need to visit a professional to find out what options they have to help relieve TMJ pain and to prevent them from progressively getting worse. If you’re experiencing TMJ pain or a TMJ disorder, you may have the following symptoms:
For professional TMJ treatment in Alpharetta, GA, contact Center for TMJ Therapy. Our team can get you scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Maggan. We are dedicated to providing comforting and comprehensive treatment for our patients. Call 770-521-1978 for more details on getting your appointment scheduled.

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