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Financial Considerations
Charges are due at the time you are provided treatment. If treatment requires multiple visits, a mutually satisfactory payment schedule can be arranged. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for payment. We can also provide 12 month interest fee financing from a third party source for your convenience.

Medical and Dental insurance is intended to cover a portion of your treatment. The amount of your coverage depends on the individual contract your employer or union has with the insurance company. Since there are numerous insurance plans with varying policies it is ultimately your responsibility in understanding your coverage. We will assist you in filing your insurance for you but any fees that are given are purely based on estimates with the understanding that there is no guarantee of payment from your insurance carriers. Your portion can be paid by cash, check , or credit card. We ask that you bring pertinent insurance information and forms at the time of your visit. We do provide Interest free financing if you qualify from a third party. Please note that it is requirement for Medical insurance companies to offer coverage in the treatment of Temporomandibular disorders in the State of Georgia.

View ยง 33-30-14: Georgia Law for Insurance Coverage

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