TMJ Treatment

Dr. Maggan at the Center for TMJ & Sleep Therapy strongly believes in treatment using a multidisciplinary model. Many times the patient will present with symptoms that are clearly a result of a improper function of the Temporomandibular joint, however the cause may be due to poor posture, bad bite, prior injuries distant from the site of where they may be experiencing pain. In these cases working in a multidisciplinary approach betters the outcome of care. This may include Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Internal Medicine, ENT, Neurologist, Oral Surgeons, Nutritionists, and Certified Massage Therapists.

Evaluation of Temporomandibular Disorders begins with a thorough patient history and clinical examination. In some cases, the clinical examination findings are sufficient to allow the dentist to arrive at a preliminary diagnosis and begin conservative treatment. However, other patients will require diagnostic imaging of the TMJs in order to provide information, which is not available from the clinical examination.

Complex Motion Tomography
Panoramic and Lateral Cervical Spine radiographs provide excellent hard tissue imaging of jaw bones, teeth, temporomandibular joints and the cervical spine. These diagnostic radiographs are taken at our office.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI’s are used to view images of soft tissues including muscles and the disc of the jaw joint. The MRI views the soft tissu, such as the TMJ disc, to see if it is in the proper position as the jaw moves.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography
(CBCT) scan offers a highly detailed and a 3-D image of the bones and structures around the jaw. CBCT has become increasingly important in the treatment and diagnosis of TMJ disorders.

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